• Academic Research

    This study was done in my Environmental Communication class. I researched fracking and its effects on people’s health. I studied whether fracking was better or worse for the environment. Please click “download” to view the PDF.

  • Op-Ed

    This Op-Ed was written in a class. I wrote about my opinion of gun laws in the United States. Please click “download” to view the PDF.

  • Short Story

    This is a short story written in class called “Put It on the Table.” I was challenged to write about something meaningful to me and arouses my own five senses. Please click “download” to view the PDF.

  • Burgh Brothers Media Newsletters

    Below are newsletters I created with a software for Burgh Brothers Media. These are monthly newsletters to update clients on what the company is up to. Please click “download” on the links below to view PDFs.

  • Press Release

    This press release was written during a Writing For Advertising and Public Relations class. Please click “download” to view the PDF.

  • Feature Story

    Below is a feature story I wrote for a class project, First Amendment on Trial. Our class was split up into groups and given different parts of a live debate to advertise. I chose to write about one of the…

  • Press Release

    Below is a press release I created for a class event, First Amendment on Trial. Our class was split up into groups and were each given a part of a live debate to advertise and put together. Please click “download”…

  • Make Your Mark 5K

    http://jocelynirene.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Segment-One.pdf http://jocelynirene.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Segment-Two.pdf Above are links to a project I did for my Event Planning class. I was one of the two Project Managers who helped the entire class succeed in creating this event. The run was pulled off in less…

  • First Amendment on Trial Project

    http://jocelynirene.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/22All-for-One22-Monument-Agency-Campaign-Book.pdf Above is the link to the campaign book for the First Amendment on Trial. This was a class project put on by my group, Monument Agency, where we put together a student led debate on the First Amendment. Our…