• Academic Research

    This study was done in my Environmental Communication class. I researched fracking and its effects on people’s health. I studied whether fracking was better or worse for the environment. Please click “download” to view the PDF.

  • Op-Ed

    This Op-Ed was written in a class. I wrote about my opinion of gun laws in the United States. Please click “download” to view the PDF.

  • Short Story

    This is a short story written in class called “Put It on the Table.” I was challenged to write about something meaningful to me and arouses my own five senses. Please click “download” to view the PDF.

  • Burgh Brothers Media Newsletters

    Below are newsletters I created with a software for Burgh Brothers Media. These are monthly newsletters to update clients on what the company is up to. Please click “download” on the links below to view PDFs.

  • Press Release

    This press release was written during a Writing For Advertising and Public Relations class. Please click “download” to view the PDF.

  • Feature Story

    Below is a feature story I wrote for a class project, First Amendment on Trial. Our class was split up into groups and given different parts of a live debate to advertise. I chose to write about one of the…

  • Press Release

    Below is a press release I created for a class event, First Amendment on Trial. Our class was split up into groups and were each given a part of a live debate to advertise and put together. Please click “download”…

  • What’s a fraternity sweetheart? (RMU Sentry Media)

    While Greek life may seem simple to an outsider, both fraternities and sororities have complex positions and roles for all involved. For example, a fraternity may have a woman who takes on the role of “sweetheart,” a position many are…

  • Fall into Fashion Trends (RMU Sentry Media)

    Summer is quickly coming to a close, the leaves are changing colors and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are officially out. That also means your wardrobe might need an adjustment. The tank tops and shorts must turn into jeans and sweaters. When…