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Below is a feature story I wrote for a class project, First Amendment on Trial. Our class was split up into groups and given different parts of a live debate to advertise. I chose to write about one of the debaters to highlight her part in the debate as well as who she is.

Monument Agency Presents “The First Amendment on Trial”

Robert Morris University political science students will be placing the First Amendment on Trial, and the viewers get to decide the results of each debate. The First Amendment on Trial will be a four part series, with the second episode focusing on the Freedom of Speech. Monument Agency is a team from the Social Media and Public Relations class that will be using social media campaigns to promote the Freedom of Speech episode. 

The case that debaters Kristen Davis and Rachel Pracht will focus on is the Bong Hits 4 Jesus case of 2007. During a school-supervised event, high school student Joseph Frederck held a 14-foot sign that read “Bong Hits 4 Jesus”. Federick was suspended by principal Deborah Morse for 10 days, but felt that this was a violation of his First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Although there was a violation, the District Court ruled in favor or Morse. This time around, the viewers get to decide the fate of the case. 

On November 7th, Kristen Davis will be taking on the side of Morse. Davis is a sophomore Political Science major who is originally from Bridgeville, PA. She is involved in the RMU Bands, Women’s Leadership and Mentorship Program, Honors Program, Political Science Club, and Student Alliance for Equality. With a lot on her plate, Davis decided to take on the First Amendment on Trial to learn more about the judicial process through a hands-on approach with her peers. 

The First Amendment on Trial will be held in the Robert Morris TV studio located in the Patrick Henry center on November 7th. Doors will be opening at 1:15 pm and the debate will promptly start at 1:30 pm. For those who aren’t able to be in the live audience, there will be a live stream. First Amendment on Trial on Facebook will have all of the updates, including the live stream details. 

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