RMU Sentry Media Experience

I joined RMU Sentry Media my freshman year of college. I first got involved with the TV side of things and wrote for the Arts and Entertainment section of our online newspaper. I co-produced our fully freshman run newscast, RMU-Live. I put together rundowns, researched for stories, timed the show, and talked to the talent throughout the show. My writing included movie reviews, food reviews, and event recaps.

I wanted to get my foot in the door with these things, but finally found my passion during my sophomore year. I joined the social media team and my first tasks were live tweeting hockey games. I didn’t know much about hockey and was nervous to take over the RMU Sentry Media Twitter for the first time.

After I got used to how to post and what to post, I had so much fun with it. I quickly became the Assistant Social Media Manager my sophomore year and the became the Social Media Manager my junior year. My tasks include creating graphics lists every month for our graphics department, overseeing my social media team, and posting on our social media outlets. I have split up the posting so each team member has a certain section of Sentry Media. This created less confusion on who is posting what and helped the sections know who to talk to when they want special requests.

Through RMU Sentry Media I was awarded the Outstanding Freshman Award, which was given to two freshman who showed leadership and dedication. I was honored to receive this and continue to work as hard as I can.

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